5 Tips For A Better Sex Life

Sex is very important in a relationship. Humans are attracted to each other based on different factors with sexuality factors being an essential consideration. Couples who have been together for a long time find themselves having no urge for their partners. There are many reasons involved, this is why these 5 tips will improve sex life with your partner considerably. They work for everyone and they are highly recommended.

  1. Find out What Turns Your Partner On

Most men like to jump straight into the action and find themselves showering alone, leaving their partners unhappy and dissatisfied on bed. How many times have you as a man been unable to control your ejaculations and finishing the sex drill before your partner is aroused? Your partner may not be able to answer such a question. But you can explore her body and you’ll find out when she is genuinely enjoying it. Girls generally enjoy lots of kisses and long foreplay. You must know what they need.

  1. Try Something New

Sex will become dull when you follow the steps in the instruction manual, which is to kiss, remove clothes, insert, and take out. It is not automated. Make every experience different and pleasurable. You can play with chocolate and ice-cream. Get your partner’s permission or surprise her. Most people are eager to try something new when they are persuaded by their partners. Everybody knows how important sex is in a relationship. Spending quality time with your partner is important in enhancing your sex life.

  1. Foreplay

Foreplay turns on a woman and foreplay helps a man achieve longer intercourse and sustained erection! Foreplay is setting your mind into the mood for love. You can begin slowly, start anywhere, it can be in the toilet, kitchen or somewhere new. You need to be adventurous. Your foreplay will lead to you being horny and hence making you a desirable sex object to your partner. Foreplay stimulates the mind and body to release what will drive your partner wild and crazy.

4: Ask For What You Want

Have some little chat before or after sex to communicate what turns you on the most. Discuss your preferences and what works for you. Share your interests and fantasies about sexuality, and if necessary, you can demonstrate what feels good or the best way to make you get orgasm. Men are not good mind readers. Most of them need clear direction as to what to do and how to do it. The more you become familiar and comfortable with your sexual potential, then the easier it is to get a better sex life.

  1. Keep it Interesting

Many couples fall into a routine with their usual sexual interplay, which is ideal if both of them are satisfied. But things get more interesting, when they try some new things and keep an open mind about introducing different sexual scenarios. You may want to try different toys for a rousing tingling sensation that will tickle your imagination and improve your sex life.


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