At San Diego Comic-Con, you’ll likely see a Spider-Man (and Spider-Gwen) or two, Daleks trying to EXTERMINATE, and Pokemon brought to life. Time to play Comic-Con Bingo, then!

Once every year, the Geek Masses descend upon San Diego, America’s Finest City, and turn it into a wonderland of pop culture. Even if you don’t get tickets to the show, you can have a lot of fun people-watching right outside. You’ll witness a variety of amazing sights, for sure. That’s why you’ll want take lots of photos and play along!

How to play Comic-Con Bingo

  1. Take three shots in a row (for Easy), or five shots (for Hard).
  2. Share on Twitter, tag us (@RSComicsSD) and use hashtag #RSCBingo.
  3. Have fun!

Bingo Boards

Easy Bingo Board by @vmcampos

Easy Bingo Board

Hard Bingo Board by vmcampos

Hard Bingo Board

Be respectful

  1. Always ask for permission before taking a Cosplayer’s photo.
  2. Ask the parent/guardian of an under-18 Cosplayer before taking their photo.
  3. Remember that selfie sticks are not allowed at Comic-Con!


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