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April 27th marks the debut of Image Plus Magazine! Previews Magazine from Diamond Comics Distributors just got a whole lot better. Image Comics once again shows why they are the future of comics. As if you needed yet another reason to buy Previews Magazine, Image Comics continues to do things right by announcing last night at the annual ComicsPro meeting in Portland that starting with the May Issue of Previews Magazine the new Image Plus Magazine will be included as a stand alone magazine insert.

At a whopping 64 pages, including a 4 page Walking Dead Negan origin story written by Robert Kirkman and illustrated by Charlie Adlard that will run for the first 12 issues, Image Plus Magazine will include Image creator interviews, industry editorials and spotlight features. Curated by Image Branding manager David Brothers, this magazine should be a real winner.

You can get Image Plus Magazine free when you buy Previews Magazine for $3.99 which also includes Marvel Previews as well. You can also purchase it separately for $1.99, though I can’t imagine doing that. Pop the extra 2 bucks and get everything. The Previews Magazine bundle including Image+ Magazine and Marvel Previews is the best deal in all of comics! As a long time comic reader/collector/retailer, the Previews bundle is the one comic product I can’t wait to get my hands on each and every month!

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