Looking for a great all ages read? Then look no further than “The Lunch Witch” by Deb Lucke and published by Papercutz.

Grunhilda is a witch who has fallen on hard times. It seems that nobody really believes in magic any more. This leads to the closing of Grunhilda’s magic potion shop. To make ends meet, she takes a humiliating job at the Salem Haunted Museum as a fake witch. She doesn’t last long at her new job and after a rather morbid falling out with her boss (Never hire a witch because it never ends well when you have to fire them!) she again finds herself without a source of income to buy food for her familiars the Bat Boys, children who managed to get on Grunhilda’s bad side, Louise the spider and former tax accountant turned faithful dog Mr. Williams.

Since Grunhilda’s only job skill is concocting nasty evil potions, her employment prospects seem dim until Mr. Williams finds her the perfect job. You guessed it, a school lunch lady. It starts out as the perfect job for her. She gets paid to serve children foul tasting food full of bugs, spit and other unsavory ingredients. What more could a witch ask for? Things are looking up for Grunhilda until she meets Madison, a struggling young student who asks Grunhilda for help.

Will Grunhilda help her, or will she stay true to the code of witches and never do anything nice. There are consequences for Grunhilda and Madison either way. Find out what happens. Pick up “The Lunch Witch” and enjoy a clever story full of dark humor, spooky hi-jinx and food stained pages of wonderful art that you will want to share with children and adults alike!

Make sure you visit the Lunch Witch Website for a hilarious interactive experience. Just make sure to check out the amnesia potato before you leave the website. It is for your own protection. Really…..

Lunch Witch Wart

Lunch Witch Volume 2 coming this September!