Military History and War Graphic Novels in San Diego

Military History and War Graphic Novels in San Diego

Rising Sun Comics offers a carefully curated selection of the finest military history and war graphic novels in San Diego. Our knowledgeable staff pride themselves on their ability to bring you the most thought provoking and interesting works in the genre of military history.

We offer both historical fiction and non-fiction graphic novel collections by the finest creators in the comic industry from around the world, both past and present.

We carry works from creators like Garth Ennis, Shigeru Mizuki, Ethan Hawke, Greg Ruth, Robbie Morrison, Charlie Adlard (Walking Dead), Ethan Young, Maximilian Uriarte and Brian Wood to name but a few. And we are always looking for more literary works to add to our mix.

Are you new to the world of graphic novels? Then stop by and let us introduce you to the wonderful world of military history and war in the most exciting format today, the graphic novel format. Never has the phrase “A picture is worth a thousand words” been more true. Give us a chance and we promise to put a book in your hands that will have you coming back for more!

Journey from the deadly snow covered peaks of the Italian Alps, home of the dreaded “White Death” during World War I, to the merciless deserts of the American Southwest in 1872, and witness the birth of the great Apache warrior Geronimo. ¬†Follow a war weary Russian Special Forces colonel as he goes to meet his destiny in war torn Afghanistan in “303′. Meet the brave and deadly female Russian pilots who struck fear into the hearts of battle hardened Nazis during 1942 on the Eastern Front known as the “Night Witches“.

These great stories and more await you in the fascinating world of military history and war graphic novels in San diego at Rising Sun Comics!