For over 75 years, they have lived, forever young, in a little place called Riverdale. Not much had changed in those decades. It was peaceful and friendly.

Until the 21st Century.

AArchie #9 (1944)rchie Andrews grew up in Riverdale. He went to school, fell in love, and got in trouble in Riverdale. His hardest decision was to pick between the blonde or the brunette. Or maybe the redhead. The highest stakes were when prom might be canceled (or visited by everyone’s favorite punishing vigilante).

The town of Riverdale was encased in amber. It stood apart from world wars, red scares, assassinations, disgraced presidents, hijacked airplanes, and all. It was a solid rock in a shaky world.




Riverdale One Shot (00181)Now, a new take on Archie and pals: a more grown up and serious version. With the success of the Riverdale TV show, a comic series serves as a prequel. In it, the town now holds dark secrets. There is the teacher having a torrid affair with her student. A biker gang rules the south side of town. A homeless loner runs the drive-in theater.

And murder.

A murder mystery. It looms like a thick fog upon Riverdale, the sleepy, everyday town.

The Rivderdale One-Shot comic features a story about each of the four main characters we know and love: Archie as he beefs up and starts writing poetry; Betty as she heads west and takes an internship in Los Angeles; Veronica as her pampered lifestyle crumbles around her; and Jughead as he descends deeper into introversion.

The world of Archie has been broadening as of late. A zombie apocalypse. Witchcraft and gore in the ’60s. Sharknado attacks. It seems that people are hungry for change. Even for America’s Favorite Teen-ager.

Riverdale One-Shot

But not to worry: if you miss the old Archie, there will be a comic for you, too.