Another week, another Wednesday. Have you thought about reading I Hate Fairyland from Image Comics, by Skottie Young and Jean-Francois Beaulieu? Let’s see why it might be a good read.

Nowadays it seems there is little room for the middle ground (case in point: Politics). It’s seen in comics to some degree as well. That is, oftentimes comics are either grim and gritty, or light and fluffy. There isn’t much overlap, most of the time.

Enter I Hate Fairyland.

On the surface, the art is something out of a KaBOOM Studios title (a fave is Capture Creatures), or even Young’s own Baby Variant covers for Marvel. But open the book and you’ll be treated to tales of carnage out of a classic EC Comic, or the more modern Afterlife with Archie or Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

The story is basically: What if you spent decades trapped in your child body (as your mind continued to develop), in the mythical Fairyland? It would make you quite unhinged, wouldn’t it? That’s exactly what happens to our protagonist, Gertrude. Follow her on her quest to return home, while leaving a trail of cute corpses.

Each issue ends with an impossible cliffhanger, which keeps you coming back for more. How will Gert survive that predicament this time?? Tune in in thirty days, kids! (Do not tune in, in 30 days, kids…)

What’s also fun are the “Rude” variant covers: The G-rated versions are named I Hate Fairyland while the R-rated are titled F*** Fairyland. This is another reason why creator-owned comics might just save the industry: The freedom to try new and interesting things. The freedom to go off the wall and create a book with a homicidal 40-year-old-trapped-in-a-6-year-old-body-with-a-big-axe. The freedom to create a tight, digestible story in five to six issues that matter, instead of yet another Universe-Shattering Event.

So, yes: You should be reading I Hate Fairlyand.