It’s Wednesday. What are you reading? Have you thought about the Paper Girls TPB from Image Comics, by Brian K. Vaugh, Cliff Chiang, Matt Wilson, and Jared K. Fletcher?  Let’s find out why it might be a good read.

The first thing to stand out about this series are the covers: Bold colors catch your eye; varied line art depicts the characters; and a radical font announce that this book is something unique. In a sea of super-busy comic book covers, Paper Girls will make you pause just long enough to be intrigued, and maybe buy it.

On the surface, Paper Girls is a story about the suburban adventures of a group of girls delivering the paper–which lasts for a few panels. It then changes to something more sinister and mysterious. Quite mysterious as there are unknown languages and motives to contend with.

Collecting the first five issues, we have a lot of plot and characterization established, but still feel quite disoriented. Being off-balance like that is one way to keep you coming back for more.

Unique stuff about Paper Girls

The individual issues have a very cool letters column (not included in the trade). You don’t see those much nowadays (at the moment, Unbeatable Squirrel Girl and Thor have them), since many comic fans have moved onto message forums and social media. But it’s pretty cool to be communicating with fellow fans in such an old-school way.

And for $2.99 per issue or $9.99 for the trade, you can’t afford to miss this book. Pun intended! Looking through the comic racks, $3.99 is the most common price, and books easily reach outlandish prices (here’s looking at you, Harley’s Little Black Book). So it’s refreshing to see an affordable book with an engrossing story helmed by such talented people. As of this writing, issue #5 is on the shelves, and the trade paperback is out today!

So, yes: You should be reading Paper Girls.