Marvel Comics is on a roll: There is a huge roster of female-friendly comics being published. Let’s take a look at five you should be reading.

5. The Mighty Thor

The grandmother of the current collection of female-friendly titles at Marvel. It was first announced in 2014 that Classic Thor would take a hiatus and a new person would be worthy to hold Mjolnir. The series has gone on to introduce a new generation of Marvel fans to the doings of Asgard, as told from a unique perspective. Reading this book, you truly get the sense that even a god can be fragile. The creative team is Jason Aaron (Writer), Russell Dauterman (Artist), Matthew Wilson (Colorist), and Joe Sabino (Letterer).

mighty thor

4. The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl

Who has tangled with Dr. Doom, and won? Who has convinced Galactus not to devour the Earth? Who is attending college and majoring in Computer Science? Doreen Green, also known as Squirrel Girl, of course! A very fun book that does not take itself seriously. As a matter of fact, you can read creator notes at the bottom of every page, and they are hilarious. A recent story arch has Squirrel Girl being trapped in the ’60s, before the Marvel Age of Super Heroes. Hilarity ensues. The creative team is Ryan North (Writer), Erica Henderson (Artist), Rico Renzi (Colorist), and Travis Lanham (Letterer).


3. Weirdworld

After the events of Secret Wars, this series returned in a new, fascinating way: Becca Rodriguez’s plane, on her way to bury her mother’s ashes in Mexico, ends up crashing in Weirdworld (a remnant of said Wars). She wants nothing to get back to Earth, and with the help of Goleta the Wizardslayer, she just might. But first: a lot of really weird people, places, and adventures await. Truly beautiful visuals fill every page of this adventure epic. The creative team is Sam Humphries (Writer), Mike Del Mundo (Artist), Marco D’Alfonso with Del Mundo (Colorists), and Cory Petit (Letterer).


2. Patsy Walker A.k.a Hellcat!

Patsy Walker has existed in comics since the ’40s (before the birth of Marvel Comics!), and as her latest incarnation, Hellcat, since the ’70s. In her latest solo title, she has the baggage of both those incarnations (teen romance tales, and super hero who’s been to Hell and back), all while navigating part-time jobs, fighting magical bad guys, and living in a gay-friendly neighborhood. This series has just the right mix of real, everyday happenings, coupled with action. The creative team is Kate Leth (Writer), Brittney L. Williams (Artist), Megan Wilson (Colorist), and Clayton Cowles (Letterer).

patsywalker hellcat

1. Radioactive Spider-Gwen

What if it was Gwen Stacy who was bitten by the radioactive spider? What if Peter Parker ended up as The Lizard? And died? That’s the premise of the story taking place on Earth-65. It’s a great re-imagining of characters and situations: Mat Murdock works for The Kingpin; Frank Castle is a no-nonsense cop; Captain Stacy struggles with the knowledge his daughter is a vigilante. The great thing about Radioactive Spider-Gwen is that you don’t need a lot of Marvel history to jump in. The creative team is Jason Latour (Writer), Robbi Rodriquez (Artist), Rico Renzi (Colorist), and Clayton Cowles (Letterer).


A great time for comics for everyone

Do you have a lady in your life that might be interested in a comic (or five)? Let her know Marvel has a bunch of great series for her. Also, let your guy friends know what they’re missing!

What is your top 5 female-friendly comics from Marvel list? Sound off in the comments.