The new Rising Sun Comics Website is here. Finally. 

We’ve said farewell to our old website that has served us well over the years and are proud to unveil our blog-centric new Rising Sun Comics website that we hope will provide a more useful and enjoyable experience for our wonderful customers and friends.

Our focus for 2016 will be about creating new comic readers and expanding the horizons of existing comic fans by making them aware of the diverse and exciting creator owned worlds and characters being offered by some of the best and brightest talent that has ever worked in the comics industry.

I have been reading and collecting comics since the Sixties and there is no doubt in my mind that right now is truly the Golden Age of comics! Even with the current trials and tribulations that DC and Marvel are currently going through, comics are the best that they have ever been. There is a comic for everyone regardless of gender, race, age or sexual orientation. And with the wild success of creator owned comics being supported by publishers such as Image, Benitez productions, Boom, IDW, Oni Press, Dynamite, Dark Horse, Titan, Fantagraphics and many others, today’s groundbreaking comics are finally getting the praise and attention that they have rightfully deserved for so long.

We plan on using the new Rising Sun Comics website together with our knowledgeable and enthusiastic staff to bring great comics and readers together. As comic and pop culture retailers, nothing makes our day like putting a comic or Manga into the hands of a reader and having them come back and tell us how much they enjoyed the title and asking for more recommendations!

Going forward we will strive to bring you useful news, recommendations and insight into the wonderful world of comics and American and Japanese pop culture. Any comments or suggestions are welcome and encouraged. Let us know what you think!